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GIP-FCIP de l’académie de Caen – department of the head- office of State Education  Normandy. It enables public educational institutions, initial or ongoing, to develop projects, mostly with EU funding under  Interreg , ESF and Erasmus + projects.

The main expertise of the GIP-FCIP regards training design and organization particularly in adult training as part of the GRETA network, and social responsibility of organisations (equal opportunities diversity, gender equality, sustainable development).

In 2014 the GRETA network trained 16500 people in 165 training sites, it provides courses for unemployed people, blue and white collar employees in various trades particularly engineering and industry trades . GIP FCIP will act as an umbrella organization for the  technical and vocational high schools as well as secondary schools both at initial and ongoing training and education.

GRETA network has been awarded the quality label GRETA+, AFNOR BPX50-762. It is the unique network in France to have this award for the overall service it provides at regional level;



Communicotool by TEXDEV SAS – company, specialized in software editing for handicapped persons, which has been created in November 2012 in Caen, France. Their expertise is therefore a cross between development, ergonomics and software accessibility for handicapped people. Their specific competencies are rigorously linked to the language and of course linguistics, as far as the oral communication is concerned.

They design “non verbal communication” storage media in order to ease everyday life and education and/or rehabilitation of people suffering language disorders. They can find solutions by means of software developed for mainstream touchscreen tablet computers, improved by their expertise regarding software ergonomics for handicapped people, for the patients but also for the professionals likely to use them.

Their expertise is therefore at the convergence  between their knowledge of disability and its specific needs, and their competency to devise software offers able to meet these needs.



ACCES MAN by STAR NAV is a French SME specialist in extraction of geometric data by image processing. Situated in lower Normandie, France, near CAEN, the team of STARNAV is composed of 4 doctors or engineers in physics and computer science.

They develop innovative systems designed for handicapped persons. Those products are proposed under the brand “access-man” and it is possible to get additional information or to test our applications visiting

STARNAV designed :

– Head Pilot which is a software developed to allow human- machine interaction without contact, through image processing. The user moves the cursor by moving the head. He generates a click by keeping at the same position during a specific delay.

– PICTOCOM  which allows a handicapped person to communicate or to control its automation environment by selecting pictograms. It is possible to access those pictograms by touching a pad, by head pilot, by voice recognition, by sequence interruption with a switch.

Those technologies can be adapted to several applications, specifically in education.